German Wineroad


by Bert Schwarz

Golden fall in Wachenheim, on hikes through the autumnally colourful Wingert (vineyards) or the Palatinate Forest.

Just in fall?

Wachenheim is for us the whole year long the centre, the contact point, to explore the wine route from here or to see and enjoy what's familiar again.


Story, Camera, Editor : Bert Schwarz

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Young wine and onion tart always taste good and are a goal and an excuse. Watch the grape harvest or pedal and relax in nature. Embedded in a green sea of vines and the Palatinate Forest Nature Park, the wine and sparkling wine town of Wachenheim lies on the German Wineroad.

© Bert Schwarz

The sparkling wine cellar Schloss Wachenheim is worth a visit. I like the sparkling wine from here ... even as an avowed beer lover ... just great. And it's interesting to see how sparkling wine is produced in the past and today. Here, as in Champagne, the principle of bottle- fermentation is applied, which is good for quality and taste.

So arrive, go in right next to the church and sign up for a guided tour. More is not necessary.

The castle of Wachenheim is a ruin that can be seen from afar. And not only that, it is also easily accessible on foot for avowed drivers.

We arrived and were already surprised again: In this castle ruin you can see history - but you don't have to, because up here there are small things to eat, good beer (!!), breathtaking views of the Rhineland Plain and at wine festivals will be a good party.

© Bert Schwarz

If you have come up here by bike like us, you should rather fall back on something alcohol-free and can go for a bite or two further in the direction of Haardt. Whether alone, as a couple or with child and cone, here everyone can find something interesting for themselves. « Repeaters» don't have to fear boredom, I think.

German Wineroad Overview

The tourist route is ideal for cycling. The picturesque villages often invite you to ride slowly, to stop spontaneously somewhere and just to walk a few steps. A bicycle can also be pushed... So if you are on the move with your own muscle power, you can discover the region on the cycle or hiking route German Wineroad.

© Bert Schwarz

We arrived by car and caravan, found the campsite of our choice in Wachenheim, to get to know this region by eBike.

© Bert Schwarz

The wine gives the landscape its very special character. Here the attractions of the Palatinate Forest combine with the vine landscape, as well as numerous castles and palaces - Hambach Castle, Wachtenburg Castle, Neuleiningen Castle, Trifels Castle, Villa Ludwigshöhe Castle, to name just a few.

The Palatinate cuisine contributes significantly to the enjoyment of this wonderful holiday landscape: Whether you want to try the hearty Palatinate cuisine or are on a culinary voyage of discovery, the chefs on the German Wine Route conjure up culinary delights from the region's resources. But what would the best food be without the right wine? Over 300 individual vineyards provide a wide range of wines. Nature, with an average of 1,800 hours of sunshine per year, does its bit for the Best to let mature, racy but also full-bodied and elegant wines thrive on the slopes of the Palatinate.

The best-known and most typical grape variety is Riesling, which is available here in countless taste variations. In the area of the Southern Wineroad are the Burgundy varieties Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir are particularly in demand. Innumerable wine festivals offer the guest the opportunity to experience the quality and the to convince with loving care of the wines and to get to know the open, cheerful Pfälzer people.

And so that you can really enjoy the wine and the landscape, comfortable accommodations invite you from the guesthouse to the noble hotel or a camping site for the night.

© Bert Schwarz

Motorhome drivers will also find more or less attractive locations, which we do not like.